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tv   Journal  PBS  February 11, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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what will . the since the opening scene is that the girl and i'm sure kelly and ryan thomas in the us these are the stories were falling over the next half hour. u s president ross obama says a military solution is not the way forward for the crisis ensued allegations of torture in egypt and sudan human rights watch believes is a disturbing new report. and bowing out. the former child star shirley temple guys at the age of eighty five. the u
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s president brought go mama says the syrian peace talks now underway in geneva are far from achieving their goal of ending the country's top stallion speaking at a joint news conference with french president francois oman is currently on the state visit to washington. the leaders had been close allies in efforts to halt the syrian war and france was the only nation that back in a frenzy us strike on syria last year we'll have more in a couple of minutes from our washington correspondent max hoffman. but before that we have this report on the situation inside center and on the deadlocked talks between the warring sides in geneva. you know guns had been carried through the blue hills district in northern and the opposition says nearly two thousand people have been killed in similar attacks over the past
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there's been a little inflated between rebels and government troops despite peace talks aimed at ending three years of civil war the us. this week's round of face to face talks in geneva has left little room for optimism. all parties expressing frustration at the lack of progress. neither side appears willing to budge it turned out to meet me in october he called tuesday's negotiations laborious. he said the delegations can't even agree on an agenda. i wrote or that i can implement them don't people don't want to know how can you have to gamble on on their heads they socialize the only tangible result has been integrated tooth actually civilians from simple homes rescue efforts were suspended for eighteen on tuesday. some twelve hundred people manage to escape the war torn city. many are still trapped in that they
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need the un says some three hundred and eleven students aged fifteen to fifty five had been taken in for questioning. pretty soon come from. damascus says it wants to read out pointy hundreds the opposition fears that men will not be in tune following those talks for us between the french and american presidents in washington is our correspondent max called month. max first off that syria has figured very prominently in this press conference obama says he doesn't see a military solution now that's quite a sea change from about a year ago. it is and president obama seems if anything quite resigned to the situation nothing to do basically that's what he said no viable military option at the moment and he blamed russia twice actually for the stall negotiations with the syrian government said he was sorry about the situation that the situation was terrible but there really was no hope
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in these news today for the syrian people in washington today for his part the french president ross wallace said the nsa spying scandal is over. and that trust has been restored isn't really that simple. they said that an interlude friends the french people are willing to sell him here and it didn't really make clear why he thought that confidence had been restored of what they talked about with the americans making restore the confidence all your details here and if thought how the american people feel about this situation is any indication about how the french people feel about it and he has not regained their confidence they're just kind of sick of the whole story they want to move on with the whole thing and obama uses usual arguments when he spoke to said that the americans want it to respect the privacy of the french people but that there were also substantial threats out there that needed to be taking care of. what about the sanctions on iran
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they also discussed on the other was actually a quite interesting part of the press conference with the most interesting part of the whole press conference when one journalist. astros well on about the group a delegation of french business people who went to tehran last week actually one hundred and forty he does is people went there and a lot of people said they went there to get a headstart on what might be a goldmine dinner and the energy sector that is because as you know when the sanctions list there will be a lot of business that can be done there so far that's not the case yet and secretaries of state john kerry was in the news at all about this visit the total on the quite clear he's not the boss of these business people they were free to do what they want but the present obama on the other hand said that anyone who violated the sanctions on iran of us would come down on them and i quote like a ton of bricks max open following those franco american talks in washington for us. max thanks
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very much. anna had a bad press conference on bronze president hassan running just read western sanctions over its nuclear activities as brutal illegal and wrong speedy events to mark the thirty fifth anniversary of around nineteen seventy nine islamic revolution ronnie said tehran would never abandon what he called its peaceful nuclear program under on iraq is to be more conciliatory tone with the west. but tehran's test of two long range ballistic missiles on monday has prompted the united states to call for including missiles in negotiations on the nuclear deal the plan to marry people who are supposed to be responsible for enforcing the law and helping those in need. instead some egyptian and sudanese military officers have been working with human traffickers gold thousands of people were sold as slaves were held for ransom. many have been tortured and some of the deal although
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the findings of human rights watch which has released a report calling for more knitting done to protect african migrants many heading for israel that get caught up by moderates laborers in the sinai peninsula. let me end with hot miso and molten plastic. and given electric shocks and left hanging from the ceiling. this nominal spent his time is of the mindset to attend. many of the bacon's up from eritrea the depression and papa t they cross the border to sit down. they kidnapped sold to gangs and eat its northern sinai peninsula and held for ransom. he tortures and clean and elegant than the sum of money which is a minimum of thirty thousand prostitutes huge sum of money i've got to talk to their release would construe the phone when the doctors
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have been called and talked and played in every ten seconds the other option because international community is not doing anything egypt is not going to make it due to false accusers cairo failing to take action against security officials to create one topic has insights into these with victims from as recently as last month. they tell of the suffering of the hands of the traffic as you something it's a monday. i was kidnapped his anti woohoo was speeding. a year and four months and was being tortured for months and months and then they start returning the time. unfortunately due to her. jen's few months and the child's life. if the child is now being cared for he is now the intended destination for many of the victims. human rights watch had six report will now be discussed at the united nations. and one of the report's authors who does all this jerry sands and the joyous earlier and i started by asking him how these refugees ended up in the hands of traffickers in egypt and sudan. oh since about mid two thousand and
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eleven. hundreds at the very least the return refugees has been kidnapped by traffickers and easton saddam as the crust from eritrea and haven't taken against their will into egypt's sinai peninsula when it sold two egyptian traffickers to the imports of these refugees the tens of thousands of poles of ransom by holding mobile phones to them while they scream to their relatives a force to pay birth is a sudanese and the educational authorities have done very little to address this saddam was prosecuted in the fourteen cases of trafficking and a nice full police officers who are involved in some of these cases what he did deny is that this problem exists what evidence do you have the egyptian and sudanese security forces colluded in his torture and abuse. when the report we released today we present evidence of at least twenty nine incidents in which police and soldiers in eastern sudan and egypt
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facilitated these trafficking abuses are all the time to rest traffickers and prosecute them. they let traffickers pasta checkpoints in eastern sudan. the police into separate fiji's as they enter the country and hand them over to traffic is. and the egyptian police and the tree of allowance traffickers to cross the heavily policed suez canal between the main part of egypt and its sinai peninsula. and it's this type of confusion that help us in the us to stop. stuart simpson from human rights watch. now for years europeans have rejected gm food products and the ball successfully courts and parliaments. make sure the genetically modified food stays off the family there but now after and in conclusion vote among member states the european commission is poised to pave the way for gm corn to be planted throughout the eu for human consumption. to say this is only the beginning that in the future to be much easier to approve other gm
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crops they say threatens fetuses in nineteen twenty eight eu member states voted against approving genetically modified maize. under the eu has weighed into the system the minority of countries was enough to endorse the match in germany and stand infuriating some of its eu in all my kids. we are all sufficient size so i am appalled that the european parliament's vote was ignored because we were strongly opposed to genetically modified maize been approved in the european union in all his own one. this is gma is two skeins in a system developed by the americans into punk pioneer. its insect resistant and have assigned taller. while that might be practical for some as environmental activists are concerned about possible long term effects of its cultivation. genetic modification is a twenty billion euro business that promises to increase the yield substantial me advocates say the code and twelve hundred. despite little evidence of health risks sixty percent of
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europeans could see. now it looks like a maze will soon be allowed into europe. it's the dumb by now the ball is in the european commission's court and we will be watching closely what happens next this is an issue that warrants considerable responsibility and ta da the european commission is widely expected to give its backing. many observers say that tuesday's decision could open the gates. even more genetically modified foods in europe. china and taiwan have held their highest level talks and sixty five years taiwan's mainland affairs minister met with china's vice foreign minister at the start of forty them four days of discussions the two countries lead after the chinese civil war in nineteen forty nine china still considers taiwan as part of its territory. no official agenda has been announced that talks are being seen as a confidence building exercise that could lead to improved times. bank of the berlin film festival
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now wearing a film shot in northern afghanistan has made its debut. in between worlds follows the german army captain and his afghan interpreter and put to the dilemmas faced by working together. topical movie coming as foreign troops withdraw from afghanistan germany considers expanding its military engagements in global trouble spots. it was directed by the austrian detail on the dog and features a cast of amateur and professional. scott rocks for a stunning my friends down the red carpet right now at the daily malice got to the cu german film in between worlds is all about german soldiers in afghanistan that's kind of touchy topic years. yet very much so um and i think this film could really active discussion here in germany itself very well researched a complete e mail to build the director spent years planning and traveling fast dance and really get the story right but it's not a preachy issue movie it
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really is the human drama. i think because of that he could have a real impact of enough people see it and needed to start liking really eat much needed discussion about the afghan war which offices get lost in the discussion here and there may come and buy and buy the fly it's really great movie isn't so old and rare material. i think he would be if we can have such a great lineup of the bella swan the best years ever seen on and that there's several films that can compete with golden hair even the german films of the habit of writing about a film station of the cross and a stunning stunning movie about a young girl's trip to catholicism that. is is usually one of the most impressive films i've seen for years i think that's really my goal to be a candidate in between worlds made his outside chance but i think it was a week or year i get given the go this time however unlikely which is a shame because it really is a great great movie star ross perot following the offerings at this his belly now. scott thanks alot. still the master
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short break and to better protect itself from online high heat. i will get the latest from the winter olympics day with vastly different. i want to have their say. all of the war democracy isn't something to be taken for granted. people have to fight for it. to participatory prices vary from region to. more about the subject. enjoy the discussion. i went to the multimedia democracy today. w dog. i went to the people. youth. i'll
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either. it is. today that in light of. he chased by revelations in the growing threat of identity theft is truly one worth noting safer internet to look more and more people conducting business on line using personal data to shop and bank of the internet. they unwittingly become targets of online fraud. so how do you protect yourself from having your own information stolen from having students install spyware on your hard drive one girl and start up has seen his business grow since the nsa scandal began. it will be well spent and muffins and have taken on
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the cost of making the internet safer. the two twenty six year old to counter this concept invented and developed the nineteen bandmates. the macy's in any program that runs in the background while they use the insurance thing. it takes thirty seconds to install a fence as to who lights up when it's time to paint it drawn to everything that happens in the browser is titled encrypted and transmitted via our server network which we've set up in five countries. that means the vulnerable path into the internet for my laptop my home wireless network or when i'm working in my workspace is protected and encrypted by us. the game has been available for about six months it's already been downloaded by the one million census to one hundred and eighteen countries. i could easily say that customers trust them because the headquarters in gemini and while the us. we don't think that our government
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doesn't force us to store data and handed over. in fact our government insists that we consciously respect our users neutrality in the net and that's definitely an advantage for us. good for bones. this commission as a data protection and freedom of information supports programs which help keys is regained control of the papacy. in other programs like zen made when necessary in the first place. that would be possible. the social media on skis is what they're allowed to do with that has no date set i knew it we demand that the basic principles of european data protection in the right of internet users to decide what information about themselves to be communicated to others be respected. or that they should not be confronted with the business model without any kind of choices. with the only alternative being either you don't use our services at all or you use are on friendly data protection service. it's a
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size and weight is being funded entirely by the end to capital. it is too large and as i was keen on new products which they want to sell an easy method of encrypted emails as one. they want to bring it on to the markets by the end of the team an earlier rejecting the correspondence and pecan bonnie about how to best protect yourself against id theft. we asked about solutions proposed that this year's safer internet day the gene. let's create a better internet together. i hope. a weekly sunday trying to create a better incentive to give up. the question is who is to give up on the one hand i think you have the consumers and their two dogs into groups of consumers the one group doesn't really care what it means that it will oppose whatever lies on the internet that will connect to all qantas services via facebook connect and be in the world already care about the fact that in states or is being shared
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among companies that are involved in facebook connect on the other hand you have the consumers who are fasting been overly paranoid and then you have the companies and governments. we need to read the look of the real devil here in the real devil is when we the people who use the incident. everytime we go means that as i've said every time we caught the ball that everyday terms of services contract. um every time we allow one up on phones to connect to our contacts list we are essentially open themselves up. so in the coming together in creating a bid to reduce the treehouse a star with the individuals we need to reinforce that. such a low level to make sure we understand what we doing on the internet again as a bit like ready the incident did the sake of cincinnati's is not wince and its oblique onto that we carpool but for many more. it'll be pretty foolish if we did tried to pull that means the run up because it has so many great things the wall fun and cool semi threats we need to risk
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something nice when you look at that and it starts with the interview with the individual. if i buy meat fats well the paper will continue the sword from the us federal reserve's new chairwoman janet yelling she says the fed will continue traveling down america's financial stimulus for minor first comments since taking over the role yelling acknowledge the ongoing volatility in financial markets but said there was no real risk that the us economy she also told lawmakers that recovery in the us jobs market was far from complete us stocks rose on that news britain's barclays bank is to cut thousands of jobs conrad booze and at the frankfurt stock exchange has more on that and a wrap of all the day's action the news the buckeyes time came as a shelter. not only to employees of the bank but also to investors. the star prize of hockey's most significantly. until now analyst for the sector had predicted that the rockies
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might cut seven hundred jobs in investment banking at best the number of twelve thousand jobs to be cut came as a very negative surprise also to banksia of the european continent. when people asking which bands we remain hopeful through this consolidation process which is expected for the banking sector which parents will be able to play an important role worldwide also in the future. i must confess to a montessori market numbers for you now and we have to talk rallied to look at that green on the board up by two percent for the dax. the euro stocks fifty was also higher by about one and a half percent over a new york trading is still underway for that that industrial average and is certainly likely to yell and was saying it's at its higher by more than one percent there. as for the euro dollar currently declining training for one dollars thirty six thirty. at the sports news now and germany have bagged another gold medal at the winter olympics in sochi
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russia mostly guys in baghdad has won the women's singles luge. let's check in now with some of the other highlights from today's competition on the ice and snow. norwegian cross country dance must've been seeing double or nothing can stop claimed gold in the men's free scripts unlike the cost but soon find out who won the women's event. there was disappointment for germany medal hope in spring. world cup leader to use the helmet was knocked out with in the semifinals the eye. are flying high in freestyle skiing with three golds from three events. tuesday saw nineteen year old darren hall took the podium in the new olympic event of slopes the eye. my athletes not just about to have secured a first gold of the games for the truce in the women's ten kilometer pursuit. despite the penalty for missing a target of the chip but won by more than thirty seven
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seconds the eye. in speedskating least i'm not too cold for five hundred meters. the south korean successfully defended her in the crown from the vancouver games four years ago. i just pulled up to the er took silver. i respond in our time our joins us now from such a batch of barbara still a strong gold medal performance for journey in the women's luge. it's usually a strong discipline for the country what is. well msn again and again special has been the obvious favourite for this competition because he has dominated our av all of these people because of the biggest events of the current wet cent in europe and sentiment is also the all of a champion and world cups and also today she was fast and all four runs nine event is not the only one as dharma demands that we've had a gold medal yesterday within the club. we have had a silver medal today with a counterfeit not and
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also tomorrow the tenant in as favourites to get out and studious and the other team competition. and now wife atlanta ga was so strong that the kid that question i think there's several reasons one this that they have excellent income under the conditions in germany with the four high quantities lights at the practice but said and i think the more important reason is probably the same team they have among them the stars sparkled and intense that the format of the present and gemini and sam and ben to be hosting there's also that the father of things lost and then to dallas have to keep in mind we all stick together very well. the kids and outside the olympic games. there's not much attention on the nus competitions so don't keep together as a family they also called the sunshine group and actually think this makes them and placed on him and immediately the exeter secret of the success now and exciting than five or more thinking very much for that day. she was indeed is a little child starts and her hit the silver screen and she
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danced and sang her way into stardom and made moviegoers in the midst of the great depression. forget the colts actress shirley temple has died at the age of eighty five movies were hugely popular. she was considered the quintessential child star ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay to the temple was one of the regional hollywood superstar is singing and dancing away the hearts of millions during the nineteen seventies. in the year he led the big screen debut at the tender age of st starting in baby ben asks comedy series. we went on to national attention with films like the true smile to the top right eye. i mean a guy i met at me. hand i need
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a lot and that the sciences the limelight for me to gauge shirley temple was able to keep receipts to me on the ground. he retired from the movie business at the age of twenty one and went on to pursue a successful career as a us diplomat. i think i've been fortunate. i have the opportunity presented to me because the little chilly you don't heat up a lot of doors for me i know that tickets to see his silver screen. shirley temple died peacefully surrounded by family at home in california that's all we have time for here in the journal. this morning i was like that's it he debuted on the mouth
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lulu long ruling will. i was been. it is six one. what she knew was with brian got some children may be a lot the minister for justice pours cold water on the gameplay is that the dog up ombudsman's office. chase has informed me that after an investigation. they concluded that no definitive evidence of one of wright's texaco electronic surveillance


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